A QR code you can access without scanning


Rob Koch | @TheOnlyEmployee

January 2, 2021

Introducing Quick Codes - an easy way to let others get to your QR code content without scanning.

How it works

Make a new Data QR on qr.new, and then click Generate Quick Code.

Put your quick code in the QR code text. I usually have to buffer with spaces to get the alignment I want.

Now someone who sees your QR code can enter the Quick code at the top of qr.new.

Ta-da! It takes you to your code's content.

There you have it, a QR code that you access without scanning. This does suppose whoever's looking at it can figure out you have to go to qr.new and put the quick code in, but still.


You can display your QR code with our API - https://api.qr.new/v0/qr/ViWc086SCu9/image:

Secret Hint, Since You've Read This Far

Quick codes work for Link QRs too - follow the same steps from above but then switch the type back to Link QR after you generate the Quick code. Your Quick code will redirect to the website you enter.